Adoption from Kazakhstan


Accreditation in Kazakhstan

Child Adoption Associates is pleased to announce our Accreditation in Kazakhstan. We have now started working on adoptions in Kazakhstan, and we welcome the adoptive parents to contact us!

Program highlights

Child Adoption Associates is privileged to work with adoptive families in Kazakhstan. We have been placing children from Kazakhstan since 2005. You get to make a journey of love to Kazakhstan to see your child - a challenging but wonderful experience. This is not an easy trip to be away from home for so long, but it is necessary in this country to adopt. You will be met and assisted the entire time by our Kazakhstan coordinators who are caring and knowledgeable about the whole adoption process. The coordinators in Kazakhstan will instruct you on specific scheduling and what you may expect. Be assured that our coordinators are professionals and know exactly what they are doing so put your trust in them to guide you through the process. You will be assured to know that the Kazakhs are a very warm and generous people.


Children available:

Children of 9-10 months of age and up to 15 years are available for adoption. The children available are both boys and girls, and occasionally sibling groups. The ethnic background of most of the children is Eurasian/Asian/ Caucasian. There are many nationalities in Kazakhstan, with the most common being Kazakh and Russian


Who can adopt?


Referral Process & Waiting Time:

We anticipate that families should receive a referral within 4 months of the family dossier being submitted to the Kazakhstan Government. The adoption is expected to take two months from the acceptance of a child.

Medical information, social, legal profile of the child, and photo are provided for every referral by the Central Authority of Kazakhstan.



Both parents will travel to meet a child and to visit the child in the orphanage. This is so called boding period and it is now 4 weeks. Both parents are required to visit the child, so the parents should be prepared to stay in country for 4 weeks. After the bonding period is over the court hearing would be arranged, and depending on dates assigned for court hearing the parents may decide whether to wait in country or to travel to Kazakhstan again to attend court hearing. This second trip is supposed to last 3-4 days. Approximately in a month after court hearing both parents (or one of them) may travel to bring the child home. During this trip the parent(s) will visit Medical Center for the child's evaluation and will visit the US Embassy for child's visa interview. This trip is expected to be of 3-4 days as well.

Sometimes there could be changes in this travel scenario and families should be open to accept these changes. Please be flexible to any travel scenario, even if the changes made at the last minute.

While in Kazakhstan you will travel by air, car or train to the region where your child resides. Our representatives will arrange all in-country travel and your accommodation.


Please be assured the our agency do not charge the fees at once, but rather are paid in installments, for the services rendered. You will be provided with itemized Fee Schedule, Refund Policy and other formal documents upon request (


After the child's arrival home, there is a post-placement supervisory period. It is mandatory that after the adoption is completed, the adoptive families maintain contact with Child Adoption Associates. The post placement reports are required every 6 months during the first three years after adoption, and then one report a year should be completed till a child is 18 years old. Post placement reports serve as a critical part of all adoptions as they are translated and forwarded on to the foreign officials and orphanage directors who make international adoptions possible. We want to stress the importance of these documents as it is an imperative piece of Kazakhstan adoptions. It is the law of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a contractual requirement of Child Adoption Associates. Please keep in mind: if you do not follow through with this process, it will cause problems for adoptive families trying to adopt after you.


Program contact:

For more information on the Kazakhstan Program please contact Ida Rozhitskaya at 781-929-1313 or and request the Adoptive Parents' Guide


CAA service:

Whether you are just beginning to consider adoption, or have been researching your options and preparing yourself for adoption for years, you will find our assistance with your next step.

Adoption may be a wonderful way to build a family. At Child Adoption Associates, we understand that this process is tremendously emotional. Our compassionate, friendly, and supportive staff will provide highly personalized services and information, and support you through the process. We hope to ensure a smooth, successful adoption for each family.

Please note that Child Adoption Associates:

  • puts into practice in-person interviews with the prospective parents that enable us to develop a mutual trust and understanding and to create a basis for a successful match
  • has contacts with everyone involved in the adoption process in Kazakhstan. Daily communications between CAA and Kazakhstan partners enable CAA to keep up to date with the necessary information 
  • explains the travel process in detail and thoroughly reviews the actual adoption in Kazakhstan. Mutual trust, careful planning and adoption preparation occur throughout the entire adoption process, families are never left for themselves.

Is there financial aid?

On January 1, 2002, Legislation went into effect awarding certain tax credits  for adoptive families. Please consult a legal/tax  professional regarding the specific of the law in your situation or  check the IRS web site for more complete details. The legislation generally provides for a tax credit up to $10,000  for expenses incurred or paid in the adoption of the child.


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