Adoption from Latvia

Latvia is located in Eastern Europe on the Baltic Sea. It is a small country, slightly larger than West Virginia. Latvia was part of the Soviet Union until 1991 and is now independent country and a member of the European Union.

Latvia is famous for its medieval castles, forests and parks. Latvia's capital city, Riga, claims to be home to the first Christmas tree. State language is Latvian, and German, Russian and English are also among the other languages spoken.

Latvia is a Hague Convention Country. Adoption in Latvia is facilitated under the Ministry of Welfare.

Children available:

The boys and girls age of 9 years and older are eligible for international adoption unless they are part of a larger sibling group. Sibling groups of younger kids are also available for adoption.

Latvian children have fair complexion, and, mostly, blue or gray eyes and fair hair. Children speak Latvian and may speak Russian. Most children are studying English at school. Latvian children receive a very good care in orphanages.

When selecting a child(ren), consider that you may adopt:

  • Boys and girls 9 years and older
  • Children with special needs
  • Sibling groups of three or more (younger children)

    It is anticipated that families will receive basic medical information and photographs.

    Who can adopt?

    Almost everyone who wants to. Latvia has very few eligibility requirements for adoption program. You may be single, married or divorced. There is no restriction about the number of children in the family. You may have a modest income. The main requirement is that you demonstrate your ability and commitment to provide a loving, safe home for a child.

    Age/Marriage Status: Married couples and single women are eligible to adopt. Latvia does not require couples to be married for a specific length of time.
    Applicants should be between 25 and 55 years old. The parent must be at least 18 years older than the adoptive child. Parents over the age of 55 will be considered on an individual basis.

    Citizenship: At least one parent should be a US citizen

    Income: There is no minimum income required. However, you need to meet the income requirements provided by USCIS for the child to immigrate.

    Latvia Adoption Timeline

    From the time of dossier submission, the timeframe to complete international adoption from Latvia is currently about 6 to 9 months. The total adoption process time can vary depending on the time families take to complete their dossier paperwork, their preferences for age and gender, and country processes. This timeframe is subject to change; please contact us for the most current processing times for your adoption from Latvia.

    CAA service:

    Whether you are just beginning to consider adoption, or have been researching your options and preparing yourself for adoption for years, you will find our assistance with your next step.

    Adoption may be a wonderful way to build a family. At Child Adoption Associates, we understand that this process is tremendously emotional. Our compassionate, friendly, and supportive staff will provide highly personalized services and information, and support you through the process. We hope to ensure a smooth, successful adoption for each family.

    Please note that Child Adoption Associates:

  • puts into practice in-person interviews with the prospective parents that enable us to develop a mutual trust and understanding and to create a basis for a successful match
  • has contacts with everyone involved in the adoption process in Latvia. Daily communications between CAA and Latvian partners enable CAA to keep up to date with the necessary information
  • explains the travel process in detail and thoroughly reviews the actual adoption in Latvia. Mutual trust, careful planning and adoption preparation occur throughout the entire adoption process, families are never left for themselves.

    Is there financial aid?

    The Adoption Tax Credit becomes a fully refundable credit of $13,170 per child in 2011. A refundable credit of $12,170 applies in 2010 (per adopted child)

    Program contact:

    For more information on the Latvian Program please contact Ida Rozhitskaya at 781-929-1313 or We wish you the best luck in your adoption journey!



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