My name is Ida Rozhitskaya, and I am a founder and Executive Director of Child Adoption Associates, Inc. Our agency is a fully licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit and has Hague accreditation.  

Originally from Ukraine myself, I have been working with Ukrainian orphanages for nearly two decades and now that they face such terrible times, we are trying to help the orphanages as much as we can.

Most of orphanages have been evacuated abroad, and these kids are safe. But being far from the war, they still need the vital things, and one of the areas of dire need is their schooling. They do not speak foreign languages and cannot attend the schools in the countries that saved and sheltered them. And the prospect of returning home is not clear.

These kids live in hotels and have no books, no computers, and wander all day without much to do. These children struggle but this falls under the radar because physical safety is, of course, a priority now.

Given the stress these children have experienced, the lack of attention to them now, the lack of regular classes and extra learning activities may result in significant developmental delay. That’s why we have launched an educational program for these children. Currently we are working with several groups of children – a large group of nearly 700 in Ossa, Poland, a group of nearly 300 in Lviv region (west part of Ukraine).

We are settling up online classes and activities for them. We lined up a number of amazing volunteers who can teach art, history, engineering, math and even offer sports coaching remotely. There is also remote programming for Ukrainian school that was created during COVID.  What is missing is tech and teaching supplies: specifically, there is an acute need for computers and tablets.

As the war rages on, there are millions of ways to help on immediate safety and medical needs. Educational needs of Ukrainian orphans – who went through the trauma of fleeing the war zone are under the radar but nonetheless are paramount to kids’ long-term well-being.

Please donate via – no donation is too small. If you consider a donation, it will go toward purchasing of refurbished laptops or iPads for these kids to share. It grants them opportunity to study. All donations will be fully documented and tax-deductible.